THE GIVE BAG IS BACK! – One Warm Winter

GIVING NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE, as the saying goes – and, on this note, this season sees SEEK renewing its Give Bag collaboration with the OneWarmWinter homeless initiative.

ast year, approx. 100 boxes of donations were collected at SEEK. They were then packed into 500 Give Bags and given out to the homeless as part of the New Year's celebrations at the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche church in Kreuzberg.

“The charity campaign was an all-out success right from the start and would not have been possible without our partners of many years (the brands and agencies taking part)! We want to take further steps towards sustainability together and gradually distance ourselves from the massive waste in the fashion industry.”

– Marie-Luise Patzelt, SEEK Team 

There will be collections for donations this season, too. A large container will again be located in front of SEEK, where exhibitors’ donations can be accepted. This season will also see another box for donations at the trade fair itself, as well as at PREMIUM in STATION-Berlin, where more brand and private donations will be collected.


“We love how SEEK is taking advantage of its network of fashion brands and using it for a socially responsible cause. The Give Bag is a warm and caring project and we are happy to be a part of it.”

– Janni Nansen Schmidt, Anerkjendt, Marketing Manager

“We’re delighted that the lined and waterproof boots we donated were so popular last year with the guests at the New Year’s celebration! We were pleased to support the campaign in the summer as well. In our view, the appeal for and implementation of donations is important socially and hugely worthwhile, and we’re happy to back the campaign every time.”

– Melanie Bruss, Palladium Boots, Marketing Germany, Austria & Netherlands